At Citizens Advice Bury & Bolton we know how vital the £20-a-week Universal Credit uplift is to so many people across Bury and Bolton. That’s why we’re highlighting the importance of the increase to families in our area, as well as communities across the country, and asking the government to do the right thing and #KeepTheLifeline. 

During the pandemic we’ve helped 6,221 local people with Universal Credit, giving us unique insight into how the increase has supported our residents. It’s already a lifeline to 52,926 people in Bury and Bolton and ending it would be a £1,000 pay cut for low paid workers, with around 38% of claimants already in employment. 

Making the increase permanent is a quick and targeted way to direct support at local communities as we recover from the pandemic. Across Bury and Bolton alone, the increase represents £25,340,000 in potential spending. Our research shows it also helps address regional disparities. The rate of people claiming Universal Credit is higher in areas prioritised for ‘levelling up’ investment. 

This is why we’ve contacted our local MPs to ask them to make representations to the Prime Minister on behalf of our most vulnerable residents, who currently face a financial cliff-edge if the increase isn’t made permanent. Anyone who wants to support the campaign should join us in raising the issue with their local MP – find out how to contact them here

You can also follow our campaign on Facebook and Twitter and show your support by using the #KeepTheLifeline hashtag. 
If you need help with Universal Credit or are worried about your situation, at Citizens Advice Bury & Bolton we can help. Get in touch with us free on 0808 278 7804, view our drop-in information or visit for more ways to access support.

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