Although uptake of the Healthy start scheme has once again increased across all Greater Manchester boroughs, with the average uptake across Greater Manchester being 73%, there are still around a quarter of eligible people still not receiving the help they are entitled to.   

Across Bury and Bolton around a quarter of the people who are eligible for help from the Healthy Start scheme have not made a claim.  That means that every week across Bury and Bolton a massive £5,754 worth of healthy food and milk doesn’t reach those who need it.   

In Bury, there is currently £2,142 a week of healthy food and milk not reaching those who need it and in Bolton a further £3,612.50 a week of healthy food and milk is also not reaching those who need it.   

Healthy Start scheme take up rates :

  March 2022 October 2022 Percentage increase 
Bolton  65% 77% 18% 
Bury 62% 73% 18% 
Manchester  67% 73% 9% 
Oldham  62% 68% 10% 
Rochdale  65% 75% 15% 
Salford 65% 75% 15% 
Stockport 65% 74% 14% 
Tameside 63% 74% 17% 
Trafford  62% 72% 16% 
Wigan 57% 72% 26% 

More information about Healthy Start is available on the Healthy Start website at Get help to buy food and milk (Healthy Start) where an online application can also be made.      

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