The cost of living crisis has grown in scale and impact, leaving those on the lowest incomes most exposed.

The energy price cap is set to increase this April and is predicted to push an additional 2 million more households into fuel poverty, bringing the total to 6 million.

At Citizens Advice Bury & Bolton, we deliver personalised energy advice directly to clients.
The service provides support to anyone who is “fuel stressed” (previously known as fuel poor) and
anyone who would like to build their resilience and confidence in managing their problems.

Essentially – whatever your problem, we will provide tailored advice and information including:
– Changing suppliers where there is a possibility of better tariffs
– Information and advice on making your homes more energy efficient
– Tips for budgeting and explore options to obtain additional funding, such as Warm Home Discount

What is the Warm Home Discount?

This is a supplier administered scheme that, depending on circumstances, can provide an annual
discount of £140 to energy bills.

Please note, the scheme opens for new applications in October and, unfortunately, some
in October and some suppliers have already exhausted their funds – talk to us and we will look at
what options are available.

Additionally, vulnerable (for example, low incomes, elderly, single parents and those living with
disabilities) clients may be entered onto a Priority Register with their energy supplier which may see
them eligible for free gas checks, priority repairs and other benefits.

We also provide advice on Smart Meters and the benefits that they can bring.

Our team will offer holistic support. We will look at other areas where energy and money could be
saved. We will also offer to complete a benefit check for you, and look at options to maximise your
income and offer support with any other issues, such as housing.

Please Note

Our Bolton office will be closed Monday – Wednesday for the foreseeable, we are still open on Thursdays and Fridays.

Should you require advice, you can reach our advice line service on 0808 278 7804.

Emergency contact details for local authorities in both Bury and Bolton are as follows:

Bolton –

Bury –

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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