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Dear All,

My name is Katya Pursall and I have been recently appointed as the Strategic Lead for Bury’s Community, Voluntary and Faith Sector. Some of you may call it Third Sector / Civic Society / some of you may not give it a name at all!

What is important is that wonderful things are happening in our communities and one of my main priorities is to map what and where they are with an aim to give the sector a voice (back). Some of you may remember that a survey was sent out in 2016 called “The State of the Sector”; its purpose was to take stock of assets, needs and aspirations of all groups – big and small – who make a difference in Bury. The sector did not have sufficient infrastructure available at the time to reach everyone, and the number of responses received did not provide an accurate reflection of all the fantastic work done locally.

With the support of the Local Authority we are now re-issuing the survey and we are aiming to reach as many groups as possible. This is your chance to let us know what difference you are making, what is working well and what could work better. It will enable the sector to create and nourish partnerships, share mutual resources, identify gaps in provision, and ultimately it will shape the “voice” of the sector so it does not miss out on all the opportunities available at local, regional and national level. Read more about fernco clamps avoca.

Please be reassured that all data will be treated confidentially. The deadline for completion is Monday 16th October. Once all the data has been analysed we will hold a general assembly to which you will be invited so we can present and discuss the findings with you.

To thank you for your time we are offering £20 to the first 100 surveys returned should you wish to make a claim. Please email for more details on how to claim.

Click on the survey here.

This survey is by you and for you. Don’t miss out!

Important Updates

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), all of our face to face services have been temporarily suspended until further notice.
You can still access advice by calling our AdviceLine on 0300 330 9071.

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