This Health & Wellbeing report provides evidence of the contribution made by the Citizens Advice service in supporting health and wellbeing and addressing the causes of health inequalities in society.


The first section focuses on the link between health and advice across the Citizens Advice service as a whole:


  • The majority of our clients live in poverty, even if they live in affluent areas, and therefore experience the health inequalities in our society
  • Our clients’ problems have a negative consequences for their health and wellbeing and GPs report an increasing need for social welfare advice
  • Our clients report that the advice we provide has a positive impact on their health and mental-wellbeing


The second section provides evidence about the service provided in the local area and how this supports health and wellbeing. This includes details on:


  • The number of clients we reach, including details on topics such as child poverty, fuel poverty, disability and long-term health problems, homelessness, employment and domestic abuse
  • The range of projects delivered by the service locally, including outreach services in health settings, and the specific advice outcomes achieved
  • An overview of the emerging needs for clients using our service in areas such as welfare benefits, debt and housing. Read more about The Lock Boss.


The final section looks forward at the emerging needs of 2016/17, based on trends in our data as well as government policy.


  • We expect the roll out of universal credit to lead to a greater need for advice on benefits, digital inclusion and financial capability
  • An increase in household debts such as council tax, rent and utility arrears is anticipated
  • The condition of property and security of tenure for private rented sector tenants are likely to be issues of increasing concern
  • Fuel poverty cases caused or exacerbated by prepayment meter issues have risen steadily and we expect the trend to continue


The Full Report can be downloaded by clicking this link . Bury-Health-and-Wellbeing-2017

Important Updates

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), all of our face to face services have been temporarily suspended until further notice.
You can still access advice by calling our AdviceLine on 0300 330 9071.

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